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Boomerang Snipe 3D Online
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Boomerang Snipe 3D Online
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Boomerang Snipe 3D Online

If you've had enough of the plane-flying knife and fruit game, Boomerang Sniper 3D is unquestionably your finest option. The game is no longer confined to shooting fruits with a rotating knife on a 2D plane but is now available in three dimensions. A three-dimensional flying knife is utilized in the middle to destroy the fruit square made out of pixels. The game features a 3D visual design and addicting tossing gameplay. It's worth noting that if you have trouble determining the correct throwing direction, you can use the game's auxiliary lines. How many pixel fruits can you demolish by aiming


Boomerang Snipe 3D Walkthrough

If you need help playing Boomerang Snipe 3D, check out our Boomerang Snipe 3D walkthrough video.

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